Direct Mail Mistakes and 7 Tips

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Are you thinking about using direct mail to market your business? If so, you may want to rethink your strategy and expectations. Often businesses send out a mailing and after minimal to no response they stop. THIS IS A MAJOR MISTAKE! One major key to direct mail is repetition. You need to plan a mailing campaign that can span 6 months to a year. This doesn’t mean you have to mail every week or even every month but you must be consistent and have a plan of action that compliments your business type. Remember, not all potential customers are immediately in need for your service or product. However, if they are consistently receiving offers from you and you follow our marketing tips, when the potential client is ready, you will be there. It is often the case that a customer is even waiting for your offer to arrive. Being “Top Of Mind” with potential customers is key. Repetition creates awareness, trust, brand loyalty and helps create a higher return on investment (ROI) or conversion rate.

Below are 7 direct mailing tips:

  1. Properly Brand your campaign.
  2. Create an effective campaign plan, repetition.
  3. Spread your funds to fit your plan. You may need to reduce your mailing quantity to achieve repetition.
  4. Make a substantial offer! 10% usually doesn’t inspire a sale like 20-30%
  5. Repetition. Did we mention this yet?
  6. Keep it simple. Avoid too much content. Headline, bullet points, Call to Action and contact info.
  7. Always include photos or stimulating graphic elements (but not too busy).

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