LESS IS MORE with Your Marketing Plan

In Marketing, Less is More

We have all heard it before: Less Is More. This couldn’t be any MORE true than with your logo, but should also be carried out in most of your marketing efforts including collateral materials and advertising pieces. We live in a fast paced, visual world and in some cases you need to communicate with your audience in as little as 3 seconds before they move along. With this in mind, how much can the average person retain beyond that 3 seconds? The more information there is, the less they will remember. But not only is it a good rule for message retention but for reproduction and printing purposes as well. In the new world of the web we are seeing a lot of 3-dimensional full color logos that look great on screen, but reproduce poorly (or not at all) and can be very expensive in print and with marketing materials.

If your message, ad, website or commercial is overloaded with information and busy irrelevant images, you are losing your audience. As business owners we want to say everything about our business, but we need to be patient and break it up. This is where hiring a branding professional is key. You must properly spread these messages while integrating them as one brand. Just think about Apple Inc. and the simplicity of everything they do through all their product lines.

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