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BOLD AND BRIGHT is not always best. You probably have seen a business that used or uses loud bright, bold colors to get your attention. A lot of the time it’s a bright yellow and blue combination. So ask your self this, “do these colors relate to their brand personality or business in anyway, other than to be noticed?” Being noticed is great, but it is also important to be recognized for the type of business and/or product you are selling. Color choices should always be relevant to your brand!

Test yourself: A fictional business has signage & marketing materials that are Bright Blue and Yellow. Which business below would these colors (Bright Blue and Yellow) fit best?

  1. Luxury car dealership
  2. Children’s Hair Salon
  3. Financial planner
  4. Caribbean themed Restaurant
  5. Upscale Hair Salon
  6. Italian Restaurant

If you answered B and/or D you are correct! Unfortunately, some businesses are misinformed, desperate for your attention or only read a part of some generic marketing book for the clueless!

If your brand personality is elegant your colors should be elegant. If your brand personality is fun and exciting so should your color scheme. I think you get it now but we ( are always ready to help. Just post your question or comment. If you want more personalized attention you can always send us and email to to set up a phone conversation and/or meeting.

Look for more of our short segments on color in the near future.

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