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Have you ever been out on the town and you came across a familiar face but you couldn’t come up with their name? This happens to people all the time, especially when we see that face again and again. When you continuously see a familiar face, you begin to feel as though you know them and are comfortable enough to approach them. So maybe you do. This situation applies to your business as well! The more someone sees your logo the more comfortable they become with your business. And when the time comes that they need your service, they call on you. But I’m sure there are some people whom you have seen before that are not as approachable due to their appearance. Maybe they look creepy, rough and scary or even dress in a way that you would perceive to be weird, sloppy or disheveled. So you stay away. Yes, this can happen to your business too.

Without a logo your business has no “Face”, no identity of its own. With the wrong logo you can project a negative opinion or repel a possible client. That’s why it is so important to hire a professional to design an effective logo that represents your business. It’s the visual identity, the “Face”, of your business.

Just as in life, you need to attract to yourself what you are looking for, your “Target Market”. As a single male or female you project an image that will attract the kind of mate you are looking for. This is done by the way you present yourself to others. The way you dress, style your hair, the fragrances you use and especially in the places you go to meet people.

With your business you also have that opportunity, as long as the qualified professional creating your image understands your target market. At Expert Brand Marketing we focus on that aspect of branding. In order to effectively brand market your business, you need a brandable image to act as the foundation of your marketing efforts. It’s not something someone with just the ability to use graphic design programs alone can create.

It requires the psychological understanding and knowledge of a marketing professional, the artistic ability of an artist, the understanding of how collateral materials are produced and the branding experience of an expert!


Let Expert Brand Marketing Place A Face On Your Business!©

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  1. Arko

    This is the simplest and greatest summation of branding!
    Having a “face” for my brand sure makes intros easier and more lasting.
    Corporate Logo

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